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Minisink Hotel

by She Keeps Bees

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    From Other Music NYC:

    Best album you've never heard! Brooklyn-based She Keeps Bees (Jessica Larrabee on vocals & guitar and Andy LaPlant on drums) sound a bit like early Cat Power or PJ Harvey, or maybe a female Songs:Ohia, but somehow transcends all that.

    Jessica's got a really amazing, bluesy, soulful voice that makes these songs stand out. We predict great, great things for this immensely talented duo.
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stay a fool blindfold your self control til your numb am I the girl you're waiting for am I the one you're running from is it him is it me is it just the jealous or is it because he's not yours anymore he is a prize that you might take to fire fire and flight you're more like a wolf with sheep's eyes can you hear me take it all back stand where I can see you caught you red handed take it all back
CageMatch 02:51
i can say i've knocked down a few never fell as hard as i did for you now this cage match that i refuse give me one reason why i should hit you i cannot fix your jaw anymore the well's run dry while you're dipping for more and the denial you choose to adorn is making our drought longer for sure can you tell tell me now you in or out i'm down for the count
Lucille 01:42
say his name Lucille boys you break Lucille say his name to me Lucille have you had enough of his love Lucille i can see you now Lucille can't you give up on him Lucille you keep him dangling from his heart strings set him free Lucille have you had enough of his love Lucille set him free
Fangs 03:25
You can leave your dead end mouth I can see you got nothing to say Leave me be here, gonna destruct in my own way She's a story, a picture that I cannot erase You tell me she's a ghost that you're tired of seeing Show me that snarl now Show me the beast you claim to be Give me that snarl now Show me those teeth baby Wanna see your teeth I wanna see those fangs
Arms Length 02:40
I left these power lines to stitch your jagged sides got your face pressed against the gate and all the things you thought you could erase keep an arm's length from all sides I keep an arm's length at all times keep an arm's length from all sides keep an arm's length he's wild eyed as I am took your lips back when you saw who I am you know I'd sing it to you if I could head's all clean but your boots are in the mud keep an arm's length from all sides I keep an arm's length at all times keep an arm's length from all sides
Keep your chest close and hollow the beating give new ways to rest to your father who needs his rest let him sing and dance through your vocals chords let him to his own two step give him what robbed him when a child was born childhood swing set torn and replaced with cedar chip mats that allow for abusing ways kids can act scraped up and beaten threads inside the wounds that mean more when victory she comes along feel less when you have won chains that effect more than what was bargained for she is now scared to death to be alone pushed into this bleak acceptance these are her child's eyes gathering spirits to wait for his funeral not worthy of the name he calls his wife so walk on you never let them see your face no longer will I hold the breath of disgrace we'll shake off the fear like an afternoon rain with grey skies we'll stand daddy give me your hand
The Flies 02:57
like the flies I miss the scent and the chase the sweet smell of fruit trees so I wait here on the bend when the doves are released I'm in the weeds and I can't see your green grass so I wait here on the bend bride mine she saunters through unharmed but very unkept they whistle in her ears the years she's scored to charm her way to find a home the love she keeps tonight won't give her peace but that's alright let's discuss all the needs of the sick sick girls could you name them please too long to list I'm on the road of picture maps no picket fence and no white dress it's the only way to keep me day dreaming to tune the part that'll ring them dead I feel I can save my life you say I'm wrong but that's alright it's the bend that takes so long to be free
Mercury 02:24
tossed into my own arms now and dragged off to sleep and we wonder how long then will she circle the same tree? every time my heart comes back picks me up like mercury I forget to wear shoes with tread lessons that slip into the sea nothing left of me to stitch I'm scattered all about the floor tossed into my own arms now and dragged off to sleep like mercury changed the house now a new shade of red changed the curtains and the bed sit and count my one two threes I can't wait till we can be like mercury
I've lost 2000 years my soul been around longer then your years I've come back to these eyes, my mind and this hair and I can't seem to let me be who I am god give me the strength to see my light give me the reason why shouldn't feel guilty all the time shouldn't feel guilty no one benefits from my diminished, meek and somber light I'll wait here help you hold on hold on and I'll wait here help you hold on
Revival 01:57
carry me it's been so long I've been weighted down so carry me I can see your face and the angels sing when they call your name your name lay me down won't you lay me down


recorded at home. newly re-mastered by keith reynaud. no longer available on compact disc.


released June 1, 2006


all rights reserved



She Keeps Bees New York, New York

She Keeps Bees have self-recorded and released music made at home since 2006. Their debut album, Minisink Hotel, was described by NYC’s Other Music as “the best album you’ve never heard." Nests, their second full-length, was admired by the Guardian as “sparse, soulful and defiantly retro.” Their third LP, Dig On, was praised by the BBC as "an album of fire, spirit, and sweat." ... more

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