Dig On

by She Keeps Bees

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w.robbie.scott What is the light without a little dark? This duo puts the NYC back into punk. Favorite track: All Or None/Dark Horse.
Juju Sophie
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Juju Sophie I remember Jess performing this live at the show I saw and simply loved it. She had the whole crowd in the palm of her hands as she sang a capella. It was an intensely intimate moment that I won't forget. I often play the record when I just need to feel grounded. Life can often sweep us away and take us in directions we don't need to go in. These guys stay true to their vision, recording alone, buddies. I respect this and love its honesty, both in the sounds recorded and presentation. Thumbs up. Favorite track: All Or None/Dark Horse.
sparrowinghands thumbnail
sparrowinghands they have a way of taking a somewhat basic song, and turning it around to make it intensely more interesting. one of the greatest new(to me anyway) bands i have heard in quite some time. Favorite track: Vulture.
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One of Rough Trade Shop’s Albums of the Year, 2011

“An album of fire, spirit and sweat –and sometimes that’s all you need.”

“...it’s the sparseness of the arrangements and the warmth of Larrabee’s voice which will initially snare you, but these are songs that are primed to get under your skin.”
-The Irish Times

"It’s clear that the band is giving it their all on each and every cut of Dig On. The violent guitar strumming of 'Found You Out' accentuates the rises and plummeting dips in Larrabee’s singing, and the rhythmic, forceful drumming on “See Me” pounds home the feeling of anguish, as she hollers a lyrical reminder of 'I’m still your daughter' to an errant parent."
-Consequence of Sound

“She Keeps Bees works a bluesy, primal territory in the footsteps of P.J. Harvey.”
-The New York Times

“A soulful duo that fluently burns through rough-hewn and potent blues-rock stompers.”
-The New Yorker


released July 19, 2011

Dig On was recorded by Andy and Jess during November, 2010 in a log home in New York's Catskill Mountains. Mastered by Joe Lambert. Artwork by Jessica Larrabee.


all rights reserved



She Keeps Bees New York, New York

She Keeps Bees have self-recorded and released music made at home since 2006. Their debut album, Minisink Hotel, was described by NYC’s Other Music as “the best album you’ve never heard." Nests, their second full-length, was admired by the Guardian as “sparse, soulful and defiantly retro.” Their third LP, Dig On, was praised by the BBC as "an album of fire, spirit, and sweat." ... more

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Track Name: Saturn Return
didn't think I could walk
while others led us
started weakening
on all
all fronts
so give it cut and drained
go on and tell them my name
in this heat
in my rage
till I keep the fire
cause either ear it's the ego they play
go on and hid it from the light of day
dig dig dig on
they make you dig dig on
deep beneath
deep beneath the coal
own the courage
stand on
Track Name: Found You Out
on the edge of their seats
if it's what you believe
I'm not taking your ball
I'm not breaking your bones
so get your practice down
so you can spread it around
they like the milk you serve
they like to use your words and they will
under the same tongue you'd call me names
got the remedy for your wondering
for your tired mouth all the yarn you spin
found you out
under the same tongue you'd call me names
found you out
found you out
Track Name: Farmer
I was once a farmer
now I stand in lines
dead leaves
dead trees
dead leaves kick them all around
we are not the power
we try but the chord is thick
keep picking up dead leaves
keep picking up dead trees
keep picking up dead leaves all
all around
Track Name: See Me
you won't fight anymore
last breath it doesn't matter
cause you're not here anymore
not worth it to stick around
yet the victim lives
you still find the strength to tell me how I should live
with spite in your breath
you plant the seed watch the misery spread
I don't believe you
I'm still your daughter
see me
Track Name: Sister Beware
I ain't got no big coat on
I ain't got no sharp claws
I have no damn whiskers
to keep track of
you you got claws
you got sharp teeth for ripping slack off
while you roll your eyes
as he picks you dry
it's your life
you'll defend him with your life
wasted on a lion waiting for dead meat
life wasted on a lion waiting for dead meat
sister beware
Track Name: Make You My Moon
if you're gonna try and change him
better know what you want
remember how he's changed your mind before
as long as I have waited
to knock the crust off you
swirling everything around me as if I'd make you my moon
take him by the neck
throw him to the stars
a visible end of a spectrum in the dark
be free
Track Name: All Or None/Dark Horse
she thinks like she's 18
child needs appeasing
why can't I help her?
why can't I help her to leave?
can you feel him?
his hands around your throat
you're looking both ways standing in the middle of the road
can you tell me what it is you think you need?
just a friend, probably
mirrored my mother
I mirrored the fear
mirrored the daughters
I mirrored what gives in
sick of the soup you're feeding me
sick of the guilty genes
I'm sick of the dirty looks
I'm sick of how the truth hurts
if you wanna know
true love it's all or none
all or none
all or none
wailing my soaked eyes
running through my hands
a pound of blood I can feel it
feel it burn the shirt off my chest
I am wailing with my tight fists
oh if I see you ride in
on a dark horse
you may paint him white but he's still a dark horse
dark horse
dark horse
Track Name: Jupiter Deep
I know I can't give in
my power weakens
fear sniffs and grabs at me
Jupiter deep
Jupiter deep
what makes you think you can judge
what comes out of my heart?
how dare you
I hear you laughing
my anger in full bloom
better hang up the phone
before I act like you do
why would you dissect my blood?
to prove
the buttons you push work
I'm made of tin
Track Name: Blind To The Cup
mama he doesn't treat me so good
something about him makes me stay put
part of the time he knocks himself out so it's easy
I buy his cigarettes
and I can take it
got him to sit on my sleeve
now I'm alone more than before
blind to the cup I'm sipping from
the more
hold on
I hold on
I'm loosing myself
heart's in the middle got my hand to the breeze
watch your face keep shadows you'll never see me
see me
hold on
I hold on
now I'm alone more than before
blind to the cup I'm sipping from
Track Name: Vulture
wasted on your gain
you'd wipe me out
for another swig
tell me be grateful
like it's wealth you give
yeah you'll let me play
only see what you can win
you're a vulture
you offer no vision
just the lies that you live in
gather my strength
like blood in my veins
no longer needed to cut teeth on stones
drunk on their own power
I'll set the course
lines like gold
you think you can shake me?
gather my strength
like blood in my veins
no longer needed to cut teeth on stones
drunk on their own power
Track Name: Calm Walk In The Dark
calm walk in the dark
a dark you can see
a dark that could lead you to
shit you don't need
gonna need a calm walk in the dark
to future
to unity
strength dear lord is what you gonna need
gonna need a calm walk in the dark
calm walk in the dark
if they imprisoned our vision
our throats
our thoughts
freedom a balance of owning our word
take these reasons put forth the work
Track Name: Burn
burn not too bad in your forest fire
the tree you said I am
I guess we know who wins
two years gone on too long
drank all I could
the poisoned songs you sung
so here we go again
I hummed along
two years gone on too long